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Crown Jewels:
Our Estate Coffee Subscription

The estate coffee subscription is our way of inviting you behind the scenes to experience the depth and variety of the specialty coffee industry. It's easy to forget that coffee is actually the seed of a cherry, and much like other produce, its a seasonal product that can be amplified or marred by weather and farming practices. This program offers single origin coffees from all over the world picked for their unique qualities and fresh flavors. If you're looking to go on an exhilarating coffee journey, you've come to the right place.

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The Steady Hand:
Our Blended Coffee Subscription

Blended coffees exemplify a quality both elusive and highly desirable in our industry - consistency. The same variety of the same bean grown by the same farm will not taste the same every season, leaving us to deconstruct flavors and reengineer our blends on a regular basis. It’s a lot of work, but it allows us to provide you with something familiar to wake to each morning. We currently stock 4 seasonal blends, so you should expect your coffee to change every month, though repeat throughout the year.

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A Little Heft:
Our Espresso Coffee Subscription

Making espresso in a home kitchen truly is the sign of a diehard coffee fan. Doing it well requires time, money, and patience. This is the reason why so many at-home espresso drinkers don't swap out their roasts too often. Consistency is comforting, and figuring something out for the first time can be exhausting. As such, the espresso subscription was designed to showcase a particular flavor profile in place of variety, with a seasonally blended, neapolitan-style coffee. It produces loads of crema, and can range from ripe fruit to rustic dark chocolate with a few adjustments of your brewing parameters.

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Guilt-Free Pleasure:
Our Decaf Coffee Subscription

It's disheartening to witness the ridicule so often lobbed at decaf and those who drink it. If you show up for coffee with no expectation of receiving caffeine, you must be in love. Yet so many decaf roasts taste wretched due to this disrespect extending all the way up the supply chain. The coffees we purchase to sell as decaf have already been singled out for their deliciousness prior to being decaffeinated, so it makes sense that our decaf often fools these grade-school bullies into thinking they are actually drinking the caffeinated version.

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We Roast Coffee With You In Mind.       Our Offerings Traverse The Globe, From Kenya To Sulawesi, Bolivia to Mexico.      
Try A Sample, Buy A Bag, Or Sign Up For A Subscription. They're All Good Choices.            The Path To Enlightenment Begins With The First Cup.      


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